ABB launches new portal for energy efficiency in transformers as EU EcoDesign regulation takes force

2015-07-03 - European Union EcoDesign regulation setting minimum energy performance levels for transformers now takes full force. A new ABB web portal provides relevant and practical information related to transformer efficiency in order to help utilities and industries achieve their energy efficiency goals.

July 1 marks the beginning of a new era for the transformer industry in Europe. Starting this week, European Union regulation no. 548/2014 sets a mandatory minimum efficiency performance standards (MEPS) for transformers introduced into the European market. The new EU Eco-design regulation covers small, medium and large power transformers used in electrical transmission and distribution networks, and for industrial applications.

To help utilities and industries understand and make decisions on efficiency standards, ABB has developed a web tool based on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculation method to help quantify the financial benefit of energy efficiency over the lifecycle of a transformer. In addition to providing a financial calculation, the tool also provides information about the environmental impacts of different loss profile transformer alternatives by comparing their payback time and impact on the environment.

On the new portal ABB is launching, information about transformer efficiency in general can be found as well as energy efficient transformer solutions, national and regional regulations, and studies relating to energy efficiency and sustainability.

Click here to visit ABB web portal on energy efficiency in transformers

Also watch this video about energy efficiency in transformers with Kai Pollari, Manager of Energy Efficiency for ABB Transformers Business Unit, Power Products

If you are having trouble playing the video, please click here

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