Hanover Fair 2013 press kit

Press releases for Hanover Fair from April 08 to 12, 2013

Press releases

New all-compatible industrial drives continue to innovate
Drives and motors are an indispensable part of today’s fast-moving business world and, without them industry would quite literally come to a halt. With the launch of ABB’s new all-compatible industrial drive series, motors have become even easier to use and more effective, helping industry run more efficiently in terms of cost, quality, safety and natural resources.

ABB introduces new 8 megawatts high voltage flameproof motor
The new motor offers considerable benefits for the chemical, oil and gas industries, including low vibration levels which increase reliability for an extended lifetime, and reduced maintenance requirements for a lower cost of ownership. It is designed for fixed speed applications from 333 rpm to 3,000 rpm and is especially suitable for driving pumps and compressors.

ABB launches high power pump motor with advanced rotor design
High voltage 2-pole induction motor features robust construction, excellent reliability, reduced maintenance requirements and a long lifetime even when operated in harsh environments. It is ideal for driving pumps and compressors, especially in the chemical, oil & gas, water and wastewater sectors. The new motor is rated up to 13.5 megawatts (MW).

ABB launches Terra multi-standard DC fast charging station 53 to support next wave of electric vehicles
New 50 kW DC fast charging station developed in accordance with the CCS standard.

ABB develops the world´s most compact true modular UPS
The new DPA UPScale ST 200 extends power capability from 120 kilowatts (kW) up to 200 kW, while keeping a footprint of just 0.42 square meters (m2). This makes the new product the most compact true modular UPS in the world.

ABB showcase their power protection portfolio
ABB have released their new power protection portfolio that ranges from a few kilovoltamperes (kVA) to applications of many megawattamperes (MVA), and a wide range of supply voltages. Covering applications from computer rooms through to large datacenters and complete industrial plant protection, ABB have the UPS or voltage conditioning technology for every need. This extensive platform has gained CE certification, enhancing customer’s confidence in the products, making the new portfolio a safe and reliable option for protecting sensitive loads.

Power cables and services up to the highest voltages
Cable Care – service for high voltage cables premiered.

ABB presents new multivariable transmitter 266
Convenient operation thanks to unique operating function combined with integrated diagnostic functionality.

Holistic life cycle management
Reducing total cost of ownership by up to 30 per cent.

Automation in networks – protection and RTU technology
ABB is showcasing a comprehensive range of solutions for network automation geared to advancing the energy turnaround in distribution networks. From automating secondary substations and controlling EEG (German Renewable Energies Act) systems all the way through to innovative applications in network control technology.

Medium-voltage substation technology for the distribution network of the future
In the field of medium-voltage substations, ABB is showcasing exhibits designed to provide simplifying assistance in creating the energy supply system of the future. The components, switchgear and substations involved are either new or functionally upgraded design-enhancements of field-proven products. They are eco-friendly and can be flexibly matched to already-known or subsequently emerging requirements for the new era of energy supply.

Power technology products for all medium-voltage applications
“Everything single-sourced” – at this year’s Hanover Fair, ABB is showcasing the latest innovations in the field of power technologies. Full service support for all requirements of OEMs and substation manufacturers.

Arcing fault protection for dry-type transformers
Arcing fault protection by means of the Ultra-Fast Earthing-Switch UFES.

Monitoring power transformers and reactors
Sophisticated monitoring system comprising TecSmart and TMU 100.

Upgrading and extending transformer substations
In an era of aging network infrastructure coupled with increased loads due to altered feed-in behaviors, it’s increasingly important to build new transformer substations and extend existing ones.

Technologies for realizing the energy shift
Interaction is explained using models of a converter station, high voltage cables and an HVDC valve.

World-record cable on the booth at the fair
ABB exhibits 420-kilovolt three-core submarine cable destined for the “Little Belt” in Denmark

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